Bitcoin Comes To Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania

Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania have been added to the list of African countries enjoying the Remitano experience – that is International transfers using Bitcoin.


What You Missed at the DevCongress Meetup for April 2017

Last year, DevCongress meetups began. Over the past few months, we have met periodically to meet up, have fun, talk about tech, ourselves, and to grow the community. Last Saturday was one of such beautiful experiences. DevCongress was created to empower developers, technically, socially, wholly.


Yes! Your Internet Bundle Can Be More Affordable – A4AI

What will you do if your internet cost 2% or less of your monthly income?

Did you know according to the A4AI Affordability report for 2015/16 500MB of prepaid mobile data can cost more than money spent on children’s education in Nigeria? Affordable internet is still a dream to be fulfilled in Ghana, as well as many other African countries. Fortunately, A4AI is here to assist in making this dream a reality.