Excellent Email Automation will Increase Your Revenue

If you own an online store and are painfully aware that your potential clients never fill up their carts, abandon their carts or have stopped visiting your shop then it’s more probable to assume your revenue has felt the brunt of this. Online shops open your business to the world. The only hindrance is when you have absolutely no way of engaging your increased clients, both potential and active. You leave them no other choice but to wander off to other online stores whose digital marketing campaigns may be stronger and more compelling.


INVENTIONS WANTED! This company will review your inventions for free!

Have you had an idea for an invention that you think will change the world, but no one thinks it will? Well Invention City is seeking great new invention ideas to license to manufacturers in the United States and internationally in virtually all fields including consumer, DIY, trade, electronic, industrial, medical, sporting goods, outdoor, snack food and other categories. 


The Impact of a Data Driven Sales Team

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from the sales department of a bank I recently opened an account in. Quite typical of any sales person, the sales representative I spoke with asked how I’m enjoying their services and then moved on to ask more personal questions like:

“What are your educational goals?

Do you own a car?  

Do you live far away from work?”

As an analytical person, I immediately understood the principle. This young lady was trying to gather enough information that would aid her in recommending additional services to me.