Another Introduction to Social Media Marketing

 It is often quoted that ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’ and ‘variety is the spice of life’. These two sayings complement each other in the sense that when there is a need to be met, invention pulls a cape on and becomes a superhero to save the day and once it stays, we tinker and alter it to fit customized needs; thus bringing the spice in life. The world of social media marketing bears resemblance as it originated out of this concept and so it is only fitting that we look into the history to understand the beginning and its future trajectory.


What Impact Does Texting Have On You?

The invasion of technology in our everyday lives has made life quite easier and simpler for us. The click of buttons on our phones to hear the voices of our families and friends, the tapping of alphabets on our phones and computers to send messages across to people, forwarding documents online to determine our future by way of looking for jobs online,the use of scans in the hospitals to determine the faults we have in our inner systems, the use of navigation/GPS to find our way around town, to mention but a few are some of the positivity technology has brought into our lives.


Guess Who Turned 10? Google Chrome!

Can you remember the first time you used Chrome?

A decade ago Google debuted a web browser marketed marketing it as a fresh take on the browser. That web browser is Google Chrome. Chrome was originally launched in beta form as a windows only app, however, over a year later versions were made available for Linux and MacOs.