When Tech Aids Mothers in Africa

Remember goal 4 and 5 of the Millennium Development goals?

For those who thought “Reduce Child Mortality and Improve Maternal health”, You guessed right!

In Nariobi, Amref Health Africa and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company partnered to deal with this impending issue during the ‘Innovate4life’ hackathon where innovators from different parts of Africa built startups that will help reduce the mortality rates by focusing on the challenges faced by expectant mothers.


5 Tech Trends To Tickle Your Fancy In 2017

Welcome to 2017.

A year with glimpses of far-reaching technological milestones that will influence the way we live. Over the past decade we have been awed at how dynamically and quickly technology is transforming our lives and the world around us. Ten years ago the first generation of IPhones was rolled out, Facebook began its journey of leading the social media trend and the first amazon kindle was released, to mention a few.

2017 is bringing along a fresh batch of tech goodies for us all. It is estimated companies worldwide will spend $3.5 trillion on IT in 2017 according to market research firm Gartner. This year expect technological highs across the world from these areas;


FINTECH, the new force transforming Insurance Inclusion in Africa

The technological revolution in the Finance sector across the world has caught on rapidly and is projected at a larger growth in the coming years. Though initial reception in Africa may have been slow, the years after the global meltdown saw a rapid rise in the creation and use of Fintech products. For a long time, insurance companies in Africa and the world as a whole faced several hindrances in running their businesses and prevalent of these were premium payments. These companies thrive on regular premiums paid by policyholders. Therefore, any safe option that makes payment of these premiums stress-free, fast and straightforward is welcome. It is no wonder these companies in Africa have openly embraced Fintech in the form of mobile applications and websites which allow policyholders to pay through diverse platforms, access their accounts, make inquiries and requests among other exciting choices.