Call 911! Android Tablets are dead…or dying

Then came the phone, followed by the laptop, then people got cocky and send ‘hey! Let’s create a bridge of some sorts for both a laptop and a phone to meet, we’ll call it a pill, nope, I got, we’ll call it the tablet’.


Lights, Camera… Pixel! Let’s scrutinize!

Whoever thought the ‘Pixel’ day would come?

Whoever believed another brand else aside Samsung who had kept up with the competition for so long, would pull a fast one on us? 

Most people wouldn’t have believed that there would come a time when Apple’s iPhone will no longer be the standard for camera quality and ability. We all remained somewhat unphased when Google announced they were about to unveil their first edition of the Pixel franchise. According to them, that was supposed to open up a new pathway after their Nexus.


Remedial, Excess & Excess MAX; Welcome to the Apple Stage!

On your mark, get set, September Rush!

Yep! September is here again, home to the annual release of EA Sports’ FIFA for pcs and consoles and also; the latest iPhone release via the Apple event which is one of the most anticipated events of the year, streamed from all over the world to see what new goodies Santa Apple has for the world.