Here’s A Twist to How We See ‘Student App Addiction’

‘Do not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’
…a few moments later…

‘What did I just say!?’

It probably didn’t go down like that back in the beginning but we are all familiar with the story about the fall of man. We know how it goes; God specifically told man what not to do and when he turned his back, man did the complete opposite of what he had been told. Inherently, we see the rebellious nature of man throughout the generations, even as kids, when you tell us not to do one thing, for some weird reason, that’s the exact thing we hasten to do.


A Piece of Korea and Japan; Chūiwoharau

‘How back in the day they called us Nerds right?’

‘But today they are the ones who are arguing about how the next Avengers movie will end!’

‘Forgetting that in those days we were reading the comics and watching all the cartoons that they made – but they said we were immature and childish just because we still followed cartoons at our age.’

‘Look who they run to now for answers and clarification!? Ha!’

Line about 10 random people up. It’s interesting how you would find out that about 3 out of the 10 selected are into the now popularly known Korean series (which the fans call the K-series or K-Drama) and another 2 would probably be into Japanese animation or what we now refer to simply as ‘anime’.


The Future is Undoubtedly AI – Artificial Intelligence

Growing up, there were a lot of cinematics shown with a very simple storyline; the ongoing advancement in technology and the robotics sector coupled with the humans’ reliance on apparent robots would be the downfall of all humanity. Ergo, the created would rule over the creator, the prey would become the predator and the hunter, the hunted. Maybe you weren’t born in the timeline or if you were you never got the opportunity to see them, there was Star Wars, Terminator, iRobot, RoboCop, the Matrix, Resident Evil, Iron Man, Tron Legacy, Transformers and the list goes on.