Amazon’s Alexa is Your Laughing Ghost

All Alexa users in Africa, raise your hand!

The news of Alexa’s creepy laugh and weird behaviour should have reached you via Social Media. Over the past few days, users with Alexa-enabled devices have reported hearing strange, unprompted laughter. Amazon quickly responded to the report on 7th March in a statement to The Verge indicating that they were aware of this and were working tirelessly to fix it.


4 Ways To Bring Women Into The Tech Industry

The discussion about women in the tech industry and the workplace is nothing new. It’s been ongoing for decades, but we’ve made a good deal of progress overall. However, we still have a lot of problems encouraging diversity in tech.


The First-Ever Hackathon in the Pope’s City

Over the decade, organizations have used hackathons to find code-enabled solutions for everything. It’s now hard to identify a field where a hack day hasn’t been utilized to solve one problem or another. A hackathon is a hacking marathon: a collaborative computer programming event in which a group works under a tight deadline to find software or programming approaches to real-world problems.