Red is Sexy! IPhone 8 is the new sexy!

If a red IPhone 8 isn’t sexy enough for you, then what is?

Apple just revealed a new version of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. It has a bright red enclosure and a black front. The company claims a portion of Apple’s proceeds will fund HIV/AIDS grants from the Global Fund.


MacBook’s Most Annoying Problem – Almost Solved?

The MacBook seems to have a host of complaints about against it, the inadequate number of Thunderbolt ports or the lack of an SD card slot. The most persistent problem with the MacBook and the MacBook Pro is that the keyboard on each can rendered useless by something as little as a crumb. But now, a patent found by The Sun suggests a fix could be on the way for future versions of Apple’s laptops.


Apple Bug Discovered on MacOS High Sierra

A flaw has been found on Apple’s Mac operating system for MacBook and iMac, allowing anyone to log in to a locked computer without a password.