Lights, Camera… Pixel! Let’s scrutinize!

Whoever thought the ‘Pixel’ day would come?

Whoever believed another brand else aside Samsung who had kept up with the competition for so long, would pull a fast one on us? 

Most people wouldn’t have believed that there would come a time when Apple’s iPhone will no longer be the standard for camera quality and ability. We all remained somewhat unphased when Google announced they were about to unveil their first edition of the Pixel franchise. According to them, that was supposed to open up a new pathway after their Nexus.


Great News! Google AI Research Centre will Open in Accra, Ghana.

No multinational is more excited about Technology in Africa than Google. Over the past decade, Google has expanded its reach on the continent by opening several offices. Google began with a digital skills training program which has been completed by over 2 million people. The multinational is fervently supporting 100,000 developers and over 60 tech start-ups on the continent through their Launchpad Accelerator Africa.


This is what Africans should expect from the Newest version of Gmail

Yesterday, Google pressed the Send button too quickly and informed G Suite customers that a new Gmail was coming soon. TechCrunch obtained a few screenshots of the new interface from a tipster called Chaim. I confirmed the authenticity of those screenshots with another person who saw the new design. So here’s what you can expect.