All these Schemes chasing the Paper.

‘Anopa mesorea

Ɛnyumre meko daa

Hoa na medwen hoa na medwen

Sika hoa na me dwen oo


‘In the morning when I wake up

In the night when I go to sleep

That’s all I think about 2x

Money is all I’m thinking about’


Akan – Me Sika Aduro


Call 911! Android Tablets are dead…or dying

Then came the phone, followed by the laptop, then people got cocky and send ‘hey! Let’s create a bridge of some sorts for both a laptop and a phone to meet, we’ll call it a pill, nope, I got, we’ll call it the tablet’.


The weird relationship between Beauty and Technology starts here…

Almost everyone obsesses over their looks, whether it be the volume or texture of their hair, the colour and smoothness of their skin, their height and weight, and even the brightness of their smiles. After food and water, the next most important thing for a lot of people is their appearance.